Wellie-ready at Rushall Farm

Albeit cold, it was a beautiful morning when Year 1 set off on their annual trip to Rushall Farm earlier this week.  The visit was part of their topic on farming.

Wellie-ready, they jumped down from the trailer and visited the lambs (and their Mums) inside the huge barn.  Needless to say, with that many lambs in one space, the bleating reverberated around the barn, so it was incredibly noisy.

The children were lucky enough to hold the lambs, one of whom was called Charlie. He was very calm and patient, and clearly made a huge impression on Sophie.

She said: “I loved holding the lamb!”

The children also visited the calves, met the huge bull, and said hello to the pigs. Camilla – the oldest and hairiest pig – was very friendly, and loved eating the carrot slices thrown to her into her pen.

After a very muddy walk, Year 1 were lucky enough to feed and hold the chickens, and carefully handle the white, brown and blue eggs, which were still warm.

During lunch, Sandra – our guide  – explained about the importance of bees, how they make their hives, and the way they transfer pollen between the flowers to make their honey.

While the teachers dressed up as flowers, the children became the bees, and wiggle-danced.

“It was great fun! I liked wiggling our bottoms at the teachers when we were bees,” said Raphaella.

The afternoon involved pond dipping for insects, catching a toad, and observing toad spawn.

“I loved catching the toad in the pond,” said Ned.

A walk in the woods to learn about nature, led by Sandra, completed an action-packed and insightful day. Then back past the tractor, through the mud to the barn, meant it was time to head back to  Elstree.

A huge thank you to Sandra and Ali at Rushall Farm, who were incredibly welcoming and informative. We look forward to seeing you all again next year.