Weekend Boarding

As usual, it has been a  busy weekend and the boarders have been on top form! The boys had a great evening on Saturday night playing board games after supper with Articulate, Uno, and Exploding Kittens proving very popular.  On Sunday morning they had a leisurely start to the day before tucking into their customary full English breakfast!

It was a beautiful day on Sunday so after breakfast the boys went for a long walk round the grounds with some British Bulldogs on the Douai playing fields and then some epic games of hide and seek in the woods.  After lunch they all jumped into the minibuses and headed into Newbury for a quick raid of Poundland and a hot chocolate in Pret. As it turns out, it’s amazing how much tuck you can buy for £5!  However, with the Cinema of the Stars to look forward to, they needed supplies. The sofas from the staff room and the front hall were wheeled into the Long Room and the entire stock of Elstree bean bags and duvets made for a very cosy cinema!  After supper, the boys had a relaxing evening and an early night ready for next week.