Watermill Theatre Trip to see ‘Garden’

Firstly, Mrs Keane took us to Nelson’s diner where we ate huge burgers and drank massive milkshakes. They were delicious. The diner looked really cool as there was a pink car at the front where you could sit.

When we arrived at the Watermill Theatre, we watched the ducks swimming in the chalk stream. They even had a pen that was full of ducklings which were tiny. They rang a bell to signal the start and we then went and sat on the scaffolding where the play was taking place.

The play started when a woman ran onto the stage. The play was about a man and a woman who were both married to different people who had an affair. They break up and the man then meets a movie star who he falls in love with. The woman unfortunately goes crazy. Mrs Westley told us that she had watched the other half in the theatre and we found out that the actors were performing two plays at once!

Wilf Inglis, Year 8