Vocal Concert

The vocal instrument is very special and I think singers are possibly the bravest of all performers; there is nothing to hide behind and it is your own body that is producing the sound.  Well done to all the boys (and teachers!) who took part in the concert last Thursday after lunch in the lovely resonant acoustic of the Long Room.  Lys Hales had worked hard to find the style that suited each particular voice and the programme reflected the varied and individual tastes of the boys.  We were treated to a delightful mix of folk songs, pop songs and show songs, all performed with confidence and style. The encore was a debut /swan song from Ruth Williams – our science cover for the term – singing Moscow Nights (chosen by Mrs Storchak!) – what a wonderful way to go!

We are so pleased these boys are making the most of their lovely voices and the experience of performing in front of an audience helps develop other qualities beside musical ones. Well done, boys!