Turning the Tables

Imagine a society where numbers are banned by the government in an effort to gain supreme authority over its people. This is the backdrop for ‘Turning the Tables’, a musical adventure which explores the importance of maths in our everyday lives.

The day arrives when government agents storm into all schools and destroy any evidence of numbers. All maths teachers are arrested, all except one, Mr Pythagoras, who goes into hiding at St. Maverick’s School.

Life at St Maverick’s continues as normal except for the fact that times tables are still taught. Whilst adopting the new government’s curriculum, the Head at St. Maverick’s employs a colourful array of cover teachers who are able to side-step the issue of the ban. The teachers and pupils do such a good job in their inspection that they are invited onto one of the daily government broadcasts as a model school.

The Head (Mr Sage), Professor Pythagoras and Head Boy Zero have combined forces to realise that “the power of three” is a far greater force than the power of one or two. The Head takes his opportunity and hijacks the government broadcast, turning it into the start of a revolution. Will he succeed?