Treasure hunt, art and bowling for our boarders

The first boarding weekend of the Lent term got off to a cracking start.

First our pupils participated in a treasure hunt around the school, organised by Mr. Attwood and Miss Gluck. They were tasked with identifying photos and solving riddles and clues.  This involved lots of racing around the grounds in the attempt to be first.

Mrs. Sycklemoore organised an art activity on Sunday morning before taking the boys up to St. Peter’s church in Woolhampton.  Then after lunch, Miss Gluck and Mrs Attwood took everyone bowling in Thatcham.  Taro and Koichi were the winning bowlers.  Everyone also enjoyed some time playing the arcade games and buying some tuck with their pocket money.

Back at school, everyone had a good run around and some downtime on their phones. After supper, all our pupils worked hard on their Declamations, which was very impressive.

Following a nightcap and showers, all our boarders were tucked up in bed ready to rest for the week ahead.