Through Sand and Snow

43,000 miles on a Bicycle by Mr Charlie Walker 

We were delighted to welcome Charlie Walker, an explorer, writer and public speaker to talk to the Elstree children about his incredible bike journey around the world which took Charlie over four years, travelling over 43,000 miles around the globe by bike, foot, horse, raft and dugout canoe.

His epic journey took in three continents across the Tibetan plateau, Mongolian steppe, Congolese jungle and Arctic tundra. Challenges included crossing the Sahara twice, pedaling illegally through Tibet in winter and battling with mosquitos in central Africa.

The biggest surprise of the entire journey was the kindness of strangers he encountered along the way.

When embarking on this seemingly impossible journey, Charlie wasn’t sure whether he would ever finish. Little by little he chipped away at the total and with growing confidence the challenge became inevitable. 

Charlie challenged the children: ‘You need to have three things; Positivity, Passion and self-confidence. Make your own mistakes; giving up is simply not an option.’

The children then asked lots of questions ranging from ‘how did you communicate if you were not familiar with the language’ to ‘how did you deal with being lonely.’

Charlie’s talk was so inspiring and certainly sparked the flame of challenge and adventure in the Elstree pupils who were lucky enough to hear him speak.