The Summer Camp that means they just can’t keep away

The Elstree School three-day, two night Summer Camp got off to a cracking start on Tuesday.  The scene was reminiscent of an Arthur Ransome book, with dry and sunny weather, and 150 acres to explore. It certainly made the perfect haven for the boys to have some outdoor fun.

What have they got up to on their camp: what haven’t they done? By day they’ve been stick whittling, den-building, tree climbing, catapult making, stool producing, raft designing, and er…hiding behind a large leafy branch.

And by night, they’ve been cooking up a feast, melting marshmallows on the fire, and crashing out in the peace and tranquility of the bell tents.

From the smiles on their faces, I think you’d agree they’ve all had the most amazing time.