The name’s Bond, James Bond.

There’s no better way to make an impact than to don the dinner jacket, which is exactly what our Year 8 pulled out of the hat at their Casino Royale on Saturday night.

Starting their big weekend on a high, Elstree played hosts to the girls from Downe House for a smooth evening of cards, cash and mocktails. As the roulette wheel spun and the die were rolled, new friendships were formed, and much laughter was had.

Then on Sunday morning, still buzzing from Saturday evening, everyone headed out to Park for some Laser Tag. It was a little difficult to tell who was shooting who at times, but the boys charged around with great enthusiasm and hardly came up for air.

How our full boarders still had the energy to play football, table tennis and badminton with Mr Baxter on Sunday afternoon, your guess is as good as ours. But the action-packed big weekend finally hit some of them on Sunday evening, when a few eyes shut prematurely during silent reading.

There’s still more fun ahead for our full boarders next Friday at the Murder Mystery Night. We’re confident in saying that there’s never a dull moment here at Elstree.