The Elstree Ridgeway Walk

The Elstree Ridgeway Walk took place on Saturday, 2nd May. It is a major fundraiser held usually every two years to raise money for charity.  This year around 300 children, parents and staff walked the 10 mile hike to raise money for St Peter’s Church, Woolhampton and for Glad’s House.  It was a dry, if somewhat overcast day and everyone made it to the end to collect their certificate and have an ice-cream!

Glad’s House is a charity that was set up to help street children in Mombasa, Kenya to get off the street and get an education, with a view to securing a job later in life. St. Peter’s is our local church and is regularly used by the school to hold our weekly services – the church is undergoing some much needed restoration work to the walls.  The current amount of money raised is £4,000 and rising.

Congratulations to all those who took part.  The event is only made possible by the willingness of parents and staff who act as marshals and man the refreshment points, and through the organisation of Prue Matchwick.  Thank you very much to all those involved for a very successful event.