The Autumn Concert

The Autumn Concert provided an opportunity for all the newly formed ensembles to perform and they showed us that they have definitely hit the ground running! The orchestra opened proceedings with a watery theme, playing a movement from Handel’s ‘Water’ Music and the theme from the film ‘Titanic’ in memory of the composer James Horner who lost his life tragically in an aircraft accident earlier this year. 

The String Ensemble followed and it was particularly lovely to see the wide age range of this group – it includes lots of up and coming violinists from Years 3 and 4, as well as cellists and a double bassist in Year 7 and two viola players in Year 8. They made a beautiful sound and I look forward to seeing this group develop over the year – the future is rosy as strings form the backbone of so much music-making.

The programme included three Year 8 soloists who may offer music as part of their scholarship process and who were able to try out their audition pieces on a supportive audience. Their assured sound will hopefully inspire younger generations of musicians. Also featuring were two newly formed ensembles – guitar and percussion. Colin Green had written his piece especially for the occasion and provided us with an introduction to its main themes which were cleverly based on Elstree School. It was lovely to hear the tuned orchestral percussion being used in Mrs Whitling’s ensemble, and the skill needed to play these is one which would be very useful to a Senior School!

Audience participation was needed for the Jazz Band’s rendition of ‘Happy’ and the three choirs then rounded off the evening: the Junior Choir, involving all Years 3 and 4 continued the opening watery theme with ‘Ocean Commotion’ and ‘Many Shades of Blue’, the Year 5 and 6 Choir gave a moving performance of ‘Starry Starry Night, to go with the art presentation on Van Gough, and the Senior Choir finished with the familiar much –loved Vicar of Dibley theme tune.