Summer Term Lectures

On the first Saturday of term, the boys had a series of lectures, two of which are detailed below.

‘Get knotted’.

On the morning of the 21st April, Mr Attwood took Year 5 on a fantastic journey through all things ‘knotting’.  From the history of the knot to the four fundamental must-know-knots for an Elstree boy!   Whilst some of the boys were complete knotting novices, others proved old-hands with Billy being awarded ‘top-knots-man’ as he demonstrated his well-practiced ‘monkey’s fist’.

The boys were enthralled by the skill and tricks necessary for creating the different types of knot, including the double figure of eight, the clove hitch and reef knot.  Alex was so inspired he even created his very own type of knot, coining it the ‘hammer ball’.  A really wonderful morning had by all. Year 5 are now eagerly awaiting Mr Attwood’s summer camp so they can put their practice into action!


Charity Challenge – ‘LEJOG’.

The Year 4 boys had a talk by Mr Smith which was called ‘Charity Challenge – LEJOG’.  It was about the challenge Mr Champkin, Mr Portsmouth & myself undertook to cycle form Land’s End to John O’Groats in July 2013.  It covered the route, why we did it, How long it took, training, nutrition & equipment.  The bike-ride was done to start the fund-raising campaign for the new all weather pitch, ‘Bates’.  The boys also had a chance to taste the energy bars and gels we ate to give us the energy we needed to complete the challenge!