Strictly the Nativity

Closely following the format of the popular television show, Strictly Come Dancing, Home Farm delighted their audience with a lively, upbeat performance of the Nativity story with a twist.

Our presenters kept everything moving along at a rapid pace as we watched performances from the various Nativity characters. There was the line dancing with Mary, Joseph and the people of Nazareth, and the Camel Funk which involved plenty of dynamic moves, The Shepherds’ Hey! based on Morris dancing, the Disco Dancing Stars and a memorable tango from the Innkeepers. 

Caesar, Donkey and an Innkeeper took the roles of the judges and delivered some great one-liners with a sense of comic timing. Grumpy Caesar constantly put down the dance groups with comments such as ‘You have all the coordination of a bucket of frogs!’ while the Innkeeper seemed to think that most of the guests were ‘Fab-u-lous!’  Donkey was the rather flamboyant judge and played his part to great effect with comments such as ‘that was so ‘groovin’, I could hardly stop my hooves from ‘movin’!’

Assisted by large, glittery cards emblazoned with ‘clap’ and ‘cheer’ at the appropriate times, the audience entered into the spirit of the occasion including joining in with a hand jive during the final song. It was certainly a fab-u-lous start to the festive season.