Straw and Order

It was a bad day in court for Judge Grumps who had to preside over a tricky property dispute,  he much preferred a juicy bank robbery!  Miss Correct and Mr Proper represented their clients, the cows and the donkeys.  The cows wanted the donkeys out of the stable as they kept inviting their friends around including their donkey cousin from Nazareth, several shepherds, a choir of angels, three men claiming to be ‘wise’ and even a young married couple with their noisy baby.  All the visitors were making the stable crowded and chaotic.

Judge Grumps decides that he has to leave his crazy courtroom to go to see things for himself.  He enters Bethlehem to find the census taking place with the soldiers vainly trying to keep order.  The inns are full and there is no room anywhere.  Judge Grumps comes across a quiz master testing the knowledge of the three wise men.  Complete with buzzers and clear rules on no conferring, they have to answer an array of questions.  Following the successful conclusion of the quiz, the wise men follow the star.  Along the way they come across shepherds and a choir of angels complete with shimmering capes.  Finally, at the stable, they all find the baby Jesus and the animals decide that they can live in peace and harmony together after all. 

This play was definitely the traditional nativity story with a twist.  There was a great deal of humour along with many songs.  The ‘Sheep Shimmy’ and ‘The Wisest Men’ will long be remembered for their catchy lyrics and actions.  All of Home Farm children played a part in the play and looked truly splendid in their costumes.  A wonderful production from the smallest Nursery sheep to the confident Year 2s.  A huge thank you to the staff for all their hard work.