The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

I decided to take a different path this year – a diversion from the Roald Dahl trilogy of the previous three years. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was chosen because it was different but mainly because I backed these two year groups, with their collective talent, wherewithal and self-possession, to pull off a serious play without jokes, dressing as girls or pantomimic romping. It is to their enormous credit that they seemed so much older than nine, ten or eleven as they performed on the opening night.

There is no one better than Sian Bond to make the night memorable for an audience and the process unforgettable for the players. She has an extraordinary vision, knows to include all the boys as much as possible and she makes the whole thing stunning visually through lots and lots of imagination and industry. Everyone in the know knows the magic of these Elstree Middle School plays is down to her. We all appreciate you so much, Sian.

Ably assisted by Liz Collins, our musical director, the vital and unselfish Duncan Reavill,  Zoe Webster, Rachel Verow and Antoinette Keane at rehearsals, we , Team Jekyll, have had a blast. A huge thank you to Lynette Perkins, Charlotte Hawkins and Ann Woolley for the costumes, the band – Colin, Mia, Rowena, Liz and Shi-Jun, Rachel for the props, Sian, Charlotte, Emma Hampson and Claire Ball for the set, Pete Smith on Lights, the 7ADL boys on Sound, Freddie Woolfenden and the Year 7 lads backstage, and Emma Vincent, Shona Goaman and their team on make-up. 

The boys deserve the final bow – I shall never forget their performances in this show and the hard work they have put in on the way.