Spring Music Concert

Last week ended on a high note, with Year 7 and 8 performing at the Elstree Spring Music Concert.  

The Elstree Spring Concert

Our high level performers, including our recent new music scholars Henry and Alex, treated the audience to performances on multiple instruments. 

As the Headmaster Mr Inglis said: “It was pure joy to take time out of our schedule to enjoy listening to these pupils.”

Elstree Music Scholars top n’tail the music concert

Henry (awarded a Music Scholarship to Winchester College) opened the Spring Concert with expressive playing on the grand piano.  After this, the audience was transported to the Caribbean with Lachy’s ‘Island Birdie’ on the saxophone. Next, came Alex A’s Vivaldi violin concerto movement performed with beautiful intonation and a strong tone. Then, George gave a cheeky and confident rendition of Phisch and Chips on the saxophone.

Afterwards, Timothy entered the dark world of Monatagues and Capulets on his bassoon playing shades of the ‘The Apprentice’.  This was then swiftly followed by Ben, who produced the most fantastic clear tone on his trumpet for McCabe’s quirky ‘Jigaudon’.

The musical talent continued with Jerry’s nimble fingers expertly navigating their way through runs in his Mozart piano sonata movement. Then, it was Alex and Francis’s turn to showcase their beautiful treble tones with a couple of blessings.

The programme ended with our other music scholar Alex (awarded a scholarship to Bradfield College) performing his jaunty Shepherd’s hey on the bassoon.

Head of Music Mrs Westley concluded: “This really got everyone’s feet tapping. It was a gem of a concert that has whetted our appetites for next term.”

Live music at Elstree

Music is an important part of Elstree life both within and outside the curriculum. Aside from the year group informal concerts,  there are four choirs, and a variety of orchestras and ensembles to perform with. As many as 85% of our pupils learn an instrument, with some learning two.