Sports Days!

We were blessed to be able to hold Sports Day, albeit in year bubbles over a couple of days.  As always, the Elstree grounds were looking absolutely magnificent; the groundsmen had done a fantastic job. 

All the pupils competed with enthusiasm and determination – from hurdles to high jump, long jump, javelin, shot put, discus, long distance and sprint races, everyone gave their best, cheered on by a wonderfully supportive crowd.

As ever, the old  boys race was hotly contested this year, with Mr Geddes showing his true form once again! 

Mrs Locke, mother of the Captain of Athletics, presented the athletics prizes to the Year 7 and 8 bubble, before everyone headed to the front lawn for picnics. 

Staff, parents and the Year 8 leavers gathered in the marquee for speeches from the Chairman of Governors, the Headmaster and the Head Boy, followed by prize-giving.  Of particular value this year was the Headmaster’s speech.  Who was your money on? Slippy Slide, What’s for Buns, Attwood’s a Legend, Batroom Cricket, Hands Face Space, or What a Great Year 8? A very amusing commentary on who would win the 2021 Coronavirus Stakes at Royal Elstree!  Mrs Gilbert, mother of the Head Boy, handed out the prizes. Head Boy Harry, concluded the day with a speech.

We hope that we can get back to our normal Sports Day next year and be able to showcase the breadth of opportunities and talent at Elstree, at its very best.