Shining Faces in India Lecture

On Saturday, Rev Nigel Wilson-Brown (King’s Bruton) came to Elstree to give a talk about orphans in India – ‘Helping the Helpless’. The children had no past to hold on to and no family to love, BUT they were still smiling. They had big hearts, mouths full of rice and grateful for the opportunities. They called their orphanage ‘The Promised Land’.

It was an inspiring lecture, very interactive and full of pictures of the happy children. One of the boy’s stories (his name was Ajid) really had a great effect on me. When he was still inside his mother’s womb, his dad had tried to poison him but failed; as a result his mother died giving birth to him and it meant he could not grow properly. He is still one of the hardest working orphans there!

It’s a place I would love to visit!

Ollie Baxter, Year 8