Scholarship news from Wellington College

Against fierce competition, our Year 8 pupil Rain has won a much coveted music scholarship to the prestigious Wellington College.

Director of Music Simon Williamson said: “The  standard of performance by all candidates was extremely high. We thoroughly enjoyed hearing Rain play and felt that his love of music was apparent in his performances. “

Besides performing pieces on the clarinet, piano and guitar, Rain provided evidence of his work in Music Technology. He also completed a written paper, sight-reading and aural tests.

Mr Williamson continued: “Rain displayed a high level of maturity in his playing and a real ability to communicate to his audience”.

Music Scholars are expected to play an active and positive role throughout their time at Wellington. Rain will be kept busy performing in ensembles, playing regularly at major school events and informal concerts. These include matriculation and graduation ceremonies, visitor days and assemblies.  He will also compete in Wellington music competitions and attend informal concerts.

Well done Rain and good luck!