Scholars Trip to Reading University

Firstly we went to the Ure Museum of Greek archelogy. As we entered the vast array of terracotta pots, we noticed all of the different shapes, sizes and designs. When we settled down to listen to the short lecture the lecturer explained that all of the different shapes, sizes and designs of the pots were because they held different types of substances. For example a small, thin and tall necked pot was used for expensive liquids such as oils and perfumes so that the liquid would not spill out when walking around.

We all really admired the artefacts that were 3000 years old! Despite its small size, it is known to be the 4th largest collection of Greek artefacts in the UK. We enjoyed the activities that were prepared for us, as well as discovering artefacts in three-dimensional view through an augmented app.

We made story boards by choosing a particular vase or pot and imagined what it would be like as a myth. Then we drew our myth in pairs and wrote a subscript of what was happening in the drawing and then presented them to the group. There was even an opportunity to visit the library where there were more books than we have ever seen; it was unfortunate that we couldn’t see all of it due to the refurbishment.

In general, the day was great fun and we learnt a lot about archaeology, especially Greek Archaeology and all the different shape sizes and uses for all the artefacts. Although we didn’t study them this year, there were also Egyptian artefacts which were vastly interesting. The day was rounded off with a refreshing ice tea with pearls!