Scholars’ Presentations

The boys started work on their presentations and posters a week after they finished their scholarships. They then spent the next 3 months researching, planning and making the presentations although the Winchester and Eton boys had less time due to later exams.  The reason they did these projects was to showcase their scholarship year, to teach them to work independently and to keep them working!

At the presentation (held in McMullen hall) there was lots of food, and their posters were displayed on billboards in the hall.

The presentations were: Iran/Iraq border- Eton and Winchester boys, Israel/Palestine- Andrew Holmes, India/Pakistan- Tom Houston, Russo-Georgian- Edward Abbott, Hispaniola- Christopher Beeson, Mason Dixon Line- Christian Johnson, Ukraine/ Russia- Brandon Long, DMZ- Ajai Gill, The Berlin Wall (east and west Germany)- Kevin Zhang, Syro/ Turkey- Samuel Holden

Halfway through the presentations we stopped for some more food and a photo of the class.

In conclusion it was a great night that everyone who attended enjoyed, and it really displayed the hard work that all the boys and teachers put into the lead up to the scholarships, and the post scholarship programme.