Saturday Lectures

The first Saturday of the term started with a series of lectures.  Mr Reavill did a lecture on ‘Ten Books you have never heard of’ to Year 6, and Mrs Tilley did a lecture on ‘Study Skills’ to Year 5.

‘Ten Books you have never heard of’

Which 10 books do you think Mr Reavill showed? Well, I can tell you there were more than 10. From the scrabble dictionary to the Bible and many different books. He explained that one book often leads to another and trying to make sure Jamie Mackinnon has not read it! I can assure you he probably only saw two on the shelves. He split the books down into what part was good and even showed a book about a cat. He also told us of how he added a new word to Icelandic.

Thank you to Mr Reavill and now its ‘Twilight’ and I’m getting a bit ‘Hungry Games’.

David Camden-Smith 6AJP

 ‘Study Skills’ by Mrs Gill Tilley

I think everyone enjoyed the ‘Study Skills’ lecture by Mrs Tilley. We learnt that there are different ways to learn – oral, hearing and visual (seeing).

When we did the mind map of our topic that we were given, everyone enjoyed presenting their work to the rest of the class. Mrs Tilley was funny but also helped us to learn and I think everyone listened and now has a better understanding.

Mrs Tilley pretended she was an alien and we had to use visual commands to explain how to put on a cardigan!

Jimmy Benyon, 5SLA