Roxburgh scholarship to Stowe

Elstree was delighted to learn that Year 8 pupil Jason has been awarded a  Roxburgh Scholarship to Stowe.

In addition to strong academic potential, shown through English, Maths and Science exams, Roxburgh Scholarship candidates need to display excellence in either sport, drama, art or music. In Jason’s case, it was for art.

One week before the scholarship, Jason submitted his personal portfolio of achievements. This consisted of creative and imaginative examples of his interests, talents and successes. He also participated in practical sessions for Stowe’s Leadership Challenge, and was interviewed by the Headmaster.  For those who don’t know, successful Roxburgh Scholars are still expected to sit and pass Common Entrance.

Thank you to all Jason’s tutors for maximising his potential, particularly Head of Art Mrs Syckelmoore for her tuition, guidance and support in developing Jason’s art portfolio.