Romeo and Juliet – Year 8 Play in a Day

The Elstree Year 8s set themselves quite the challenge when they selected Romeo and Juliet for their Play in a Day. Jamie was the casting director and he worked closely with Harry the Director to cast the play fairly. Johnny bravely accepted the role of Juliet and Max became his/her Romeo. Styles were mixed with ancient Georgian chants to modern dialects, ‘Wots up, bruv?’

Fergus managed not only the music, with his trusty sidekick, Hector, but also filming and editing the entire ‘production’. Barney was the costume master and made sure that all the cast members stood out.

The boys decided on a wandering audience akin to ‘The Life of Christ’ which meant that our lead narrator, Luke  had quite the task of handling the audience, who at one point were sprinting to the next locale! The boys impressed all of Elstree with their interpretation of the classic tale of young love and young death. I am very proud of the teamwork skills they developed over the day. Not only did the day go well but the next morning they all struck the set efficiently and professionally.