River of Life

We were treated to a wonderful Junior Play this year, River of Life, written and produced by Mr Schuman. A very dysfunctional family go on a trip down the River of Life to celebrate grandad’s 80th birthday. The family meet a colourful collection of characters along the way and take part in a Mississippi Hoedown and Bollywood-style dance. Danger lurks around every corner but Grandad’s key holds the key to uniting the family. He wears the key around his neck but one of the characters on the boat has his eye on it!

The River of Life is a colourful and humorous look at the topic of rivers but also plays on the fact that rivers are a wonderful metaphor for life in general. There are twelve songs to accompany the play, all in very different styles.

Thank you to all the staff, parents and boys who helped make the play such a success, helping with everything from costumes and scenery, to make-up and lighting.