Ridgeway Walk

Stunning weather greeted the Elstree families for the 2018 sponsored Ridgeway Walk on Saturday 5th May.  Bacon sandwiches were in plentiful supply at the West Ilsley cricket club starting point many thanks go to the various local families who helped out;  the Elstree community then set out on the 10km circuit.  After a reasonable climb up on to the Ridgeway, the walkers were afforded amazing views north over the Thames plain and this encouraged everyone to maintain a good pace.

 Dogs accompanied several walkers and at various points Elstree staff and parents were marshalling and dispensing much-needed water and snacks.  Although some parents were seen to be sipping on chilled champagne rather than cooling water!  It was wonderful to see such a mix of ages amongst the walkers and everyone was in very good spirits.   After a couple of hours walking we ended up back at West Ilsley, where the boys received a certificate and a well-deserved ice lolly, before heading off for the Exeat weekend.

 The whole event could not have taken place without the superb organisation of Mr. Attwood.  He put countless hours into ensuring that the whole event ran incredibly smoothly, even down to planning the beautiful sunshine.   The event raised over eight thousand pounds for The Brain Tumour Charity and St. Michael’s Hospice, and many thanks to all those that donated to the event, helped-out on the day or took part in the walk.