Reception’s Woodland Adventure Day

The children in Reception spent all week eagerly awaiting their Woodland Adventure Day!  Finally Friday came. The children bounced into school in high spirits trailing their adult guests who appeared a little apprehensive, clearly not quite sure what to expect!!  Before we could enter the woods, the children explained the rules of the woods so that their adult knew how to keep himself or herself safe! We set off down the path and came to our woodland door. The children brought their parents through the woodland square and into our magical woodland.

The children were delighted to show their guests where they spend each Wednesday and gave tours of the woods and their favourite haunts. Soon the tractor arrived with our supplies and we stopped for a drink and a snack. Then it was time for a bug hunt! The children and their helpers were expert bug collectors and the pots filled up. All too soon, it was time to move on. We set the bugs free and collected our belongings for the short walk to Plantation. We set up camp at the ‘Emergency Hut’. The children then took their adult off to find a good place for their den building. There was lots of branch moving, balancing, tying, hammering, advice and finally the dens took shapes. The children (and adults!) were very proud of their dens and we had a fabulous tour of all the dens to admire and try out.

The final task was to create a woodland picture out of natural materials. We were super impressed with the imagination and creativity that went into the creations. I was really proud of how each child had the confidence to tell the whole group what their picture was and explain the different parts. We ended with a superb game of hide and seek. Mention must be made of Sophie’s granny who has clearly had practise at hiding from small children and was last to be found! In addition, Raphaella’s dad with his expertise in tree climbing! Olly’s mum foxed the children beautifully! Children, a word of advice, next time you are playing hide and seek and find a coat lying on the ground with a strange lump under it, do take a look!!

We left the woods and set off for a walk around the grounds, showing the guests where we wander in our outdoor explorations. Finally, we arrived back at Home Farm, tired but happy for final refreshments. A BIG thank you to the guests for coming to share the day with us. It was definitely a day of treasured childhood memories for Reception.