Reception Visit Marwell Zoo

Reception’s trip to Marwell Zoo was a great success. Having scrutinised the weather reports for the past few days, we were pleased to see we had a sunny day forecast, however much to our dismay on the drive down, it started to rain. Luckily we had planned for all weather and had packed our all-in-one wet weather suits, so were very prepared.!

This term we are learning about ‘Animals from Around the World’, and to extend our topic and learning we arranged a visit to the zoo, which exposes the children to all the endangered species at Marwell. We enjoyed a guided lesson from one of the zookeepers; her name was Sharon, she taught us all sorts of exciting things.

The highlights of our trip had to be seeing the amazing snow leopards, the owls, the meerkats, the baby mongoose and the penguins. Our agreed favourite had to be the baby leopard cubs which made a special appearance as we came to their cage. It was time to play and they gave us a wonderful show, frolicking around on the rocks. What an amazing site!!

The children were fantastic ambassadors to Home Farm and we all had an exhausting but incredible experience and day.