Reception Visit Marwell Zoo

On Friday 22nd September the day dawned, sky blue, sun shining, perfect for Reception’s trip to Marwell Zoo. It was hard to tell what the most exciting part was going to be: coach ride, packed lunch, own backpack, tractor ride or animals.

The journey took just over an hour. There was lots of chatter, some singing and a buzz of excited anticipation. We set off into the zoo and were welcomed in by some fabulous model lions made of Lego. These were the first of a number of life-sized Lego models, each one was amazing, but the Lego elephant had to be the masterpiece.

First stop penguins. They were sunning themselves on the rocks and swimming around their pool. The children were very excited to go down to the underwater viewing gallery and see what was happening below the surface. We passed the wart-hogs and an amazing Lego model warthog too. Some of the giraffes were walking about outside and others were munching hay inside which gave us a really close encounter with theses amazing creatures.

We stopped for a snack and a drink, next to rhino and zebra – with the wonderful weather we could have been in Africa! The big cats were a highlight for us all. The leopard lay next to the glass for us, the cheetah wandered about and the majestic tiger paced the side of his cage licking his lips!

We had a workshop with Laura from the zoo. She showed us a spiny stick insect first. Nearly everyone touched its spiny back. Then she brought out a beautiful white rat. He was very soft and a definite favourite. The children went on an imaginary walk in the rainforest and found first-hand how humid and wet the rainforest can be!

After lunch and a play at one of the zoo’s playgrounds we set off to visit the rest of the animals.

The monkeys were amazing. Some of them were tiny, some really well camouflaged, some of them sleepy and others super playful.
The snow leopards were out snoozing in the sun, one of them on was top of a tree stump near to the netting so we got a brilliant view.
Just as we were all getting weary and running out of time, the tractor train arrived and we hopped on for a ride back to the entrance. Peter, our coach driver was waiting. It was a much quieter journey home and sleepiness overcame a few! A great day had by all.