Reception Visit Hillier Garden Centre

We had a very enjoyable and exciting trip out to Hillier Garden Centre in Hermitage. We had a look around at all the different plants, we found lemon trees and even an orange tree.!We investigated all the fruit trees such as  apples, cherries and pear trees. We read the labels on some of the plants and decided we would have a go at writing labels for things out in our garden. Some of the labels even had pictures of insects which we thought was interesting!  We learnt that they tell us what those plants are what the insects like to collect nectar from. The vegetables and salads were very difficult to choose from but in the end we decided to get a few courgettes, butternuts, tomatoes and a couple of herbs that we might be able to use when we are cooking.

We paid for all our seeds and plants using coins, and learnt a little about using money. We ended our trip in the cafeteria, sipping ‘Baby chinos’. A great morning was had by all and the children were a great credit to our school.