Reception Den Building Day

What a fantastic day we had!

We invited a member of our family to join us to come and spend the day with us having fun out in plantation.

Our day began with a quick safety chat to all the adults, followed by a slow amble up to Plantation. The weather was great and we had a gloriously cool day under the trees. The children took their grown-ups off to choose a spot and began constructing their amazing dens. Lots of the children brought books and games to enjoy in their dens and had a lovely time doing these activities.

It was a little chilly under the trees, so we decided to enjoy the glorious sun and had our picnic lunch out on roly-poly hill making the most of the weather and sunshine. Everyone collected their picnic lunches and headed out into sunshine.

We ended our day with a Minibeast hunt in and around Plantation, giving everybody the opportunity to explore in and around the grounds, as well as going down to the lakes to see if they could spot anything in the meadows or nearby. The children and adults alike loved playing ‘Hide and Seek’, some a little more than others. Before clearing up our dens, we got a little creative and made some amazing and imaginative pictures out of the things we could find lying around the clearing.

Finally, to complete an incredible day, we came back to Home Farm and released our butterflies. What an experience. One of them decided it was happy to be handled by all the children, who were gentle and intrigued by this tiny little creature.

A memorable and wonderful time was had by all.