“You heard them first at Elstree!”

The pop band “Electric Shock” made their debut performance at Elstree School this afternoon to rapturous applause. On vocals was teeny-bopper Tristan Betts, backing vocals big-boy Ben Tomlinson and on drums, cool dude Hamish McKendrick. Word has it that they’ve already been signed by Universal Records and are planning a summer tour of Europe. They enticed us with a cool rendition of the pop song “Happy”, far superior to Pharrell Williams’ version, of course!

Other items on the menu included the Junior Choir treating us to two delightfully contrasting pieces, El Cumbanchero (Cuban) and Last Minute Calypso. They looked smart, they sounded well-trained and their actions and puffs were executed with precision and panache. Peter Compton-Burnett then spun as back in time to the age of Ragtime Jazz meets Boogie-Woogie. His tinkling of the piece “Finger Bustin’ Boogie” was something that anyone would want to hear time and time again. Has he thought of releasing a CD? I know I’d buy one!

Dripping with emotion, Sebastian Foxon’s cello piece “The Ghost” sent a shiver down our spines as he demonstrated some very effective bowing. Mary Compton-Burnett looks like she’s following in her brother’s footsteps as she showed off her interpretation of “The Swinging Sisters” on the piano.

For sheer audacity the quartet of bassoons got many people’s votes as they blasted their way through a charming piece whilst demonstrating just how much they had improved since last term.

Other stand-outs were Julian Bracken on the piano, Archie Morris-Marsham and Barney Courage on the trumpet and Oscar Brown on the piano. Anybody else not mentioned gets a big thumbs-up too for being part of an outstanding and very enjoyable informal concert.
Mr Chris Schuman, Year 3 Teacher