Prep School Coronation Celebration

In anticipation of the Coronation of King Charles III, on Friday 5th May, the Prep School children were invited to get into the celebratory spirit and wear red, white and blue. Union Jack bunting joyfully festooned the school and with children cheerfully waving an array of flags and donning crowns, there was a real air of excitement for the weekend ahead.

In the build up to the weekend, Mrs Sykelmoore had been working with Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 pupils in her art department to create two memorable displays. One a huge painted banner with motifs and declarations of support and excitement for King Charles and Queen Camilla, the other a beautiful tile mural to mark the occasion. In the afternoon, the banner was wrapped around the Wellingtonia and the mural laid out on a table on Yard for all to admire as part of the celebrations.

At 5pm the sun made a welcome appearance and shone down on the spectacular Coronation themed afternoon tea that Lara and her team had brilliantly created. We were thrilled to welcome our Elstree parents to join us for a Coronation service to mark the significance of the occasion. Once tea had been served and scones had been scoffed, the Prep school children arrived on Yard and proceedings were underway.

Hamish opened the service with a fitting performance on his bagpipes, so haunting and stirring, setting the perfect tone for the afternoon. Mr Inglis welcomed the Elstree community and set the scene for the weekend – reminding us all that the Coronation of King Charles III would be an occasion we will never forget. Together we sang “I vow to thee, my country” and “And did those feet in ancient time” rang out across the beautifully green Elstree fields with real pride.

Head Boy Alex and Deputy Head Boy and Head Girls read their readings with sincerity. After singing “God Save the King”, Mr Inglis closed the service with a robust “God Save the King” which was joyfully repeated by parents and pupils as cheers rang out and flags were waved in the spring sunshine.