Pre-Prep’s Informal Music Concert Debut

It was Pre-Prep’s Informal Music Concert debut in the Long Room this Wednesday. Having only participated in concerts at the Pre-Prep before, this was the first time they had performed ‘in public’ at Elstree Prep School.  Teachers felt that even our youngest musicians were capable of giving a performance.

Year 2 perform at the Pre-Prep Music Concert

The concert started with Year 2 playing a remarkable rendition of ‘Stripey Cat Crawl’ on their recorders. Accompanied on piano by Miss Millar, they stayed in tune, moving their fingers correctly to cover the various holes. Year 1 was mesmerised.  They now cannot wait to have the chance to learn the recorder in their music lessons next year.

Individual performances

After the group performance, individuals from Years 1 and 2 took to the stage.  Each musician introduced their piece and played or sung with passion and professionalism. Taking their time, they showed just how hard they have been working in their 1:1 lessons this term. In total, there were eleven pianists, one violinist and one chorister.

The Finale

Year 2 ended Pre-Prep’s informal music concert on an emotive high with an apt rendition of ‘We Will Remember’.  What’s more, as families couldn’t be there to support their children in person, they were able to tune in online to watch the concert live on Teams. Again, another first for Pre-Prep.

Special thanks go to Head of Music Mrs Westley and piano accompanist Miss Millar, as well as the other visiting music teachers.

Headmaster’s Wife Olivia Inglis said: “I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your concert this morning.  I thought you were amazing and loved listening to you performing so beautifully on your various different instruments.  The Year 2 recorders at the beginning and singing at the end were absolutely lovely.  Well done to you all for listening so well to your friends and being such a supportive audience.”