Pre-Prep Year 2 Assembly

The whole Elstree community were treated to a fabulous assembly from Year 2 this morning.
Year 2 have been learning about the rainforest this term and loved sharing what they have learnt with the rest of the school. 
They taught us about the continents with a very catchy song, about the layers of the rainforest with another and told us about the different animals that live in the different areas.
 They shared some of the wonderful rainforest art they have been doing. 
We were all so proud of how well they learnt their lines and songs and how confident they were on stage.
What did the children think?
Olivia said her favourite part of the assembly was saying her words because she was smiling the whole time.
Izzy said her favourite part was saying her own and Martha’s line because Martha was poorly.
Sam said his favourite part was singing the seven continents song.