Pre-Prep World Book Day

What a wonderful day Elstree Pre-Prep had on World Book Day.  This year the theme was Julia Donaldson books and we had a huge array of fabulous costumes – hyenas, highway rats and many more.  The children were so excited to see their friends during an early morning parade.

Early Years

We then split into Early Years and Key Stage 1.  In Early Years Mrs O’Neill read ‘Everywhere Bear’ and the children then drew bear faces which were decorated with oats.  Miss Jones read ‘Postman Bear’ and the children painted bear faces with forks.  Mrs Rose read ‘The Scarecrow’s Wedding’ and the children made collage Scarecrows using paper bags, hay and different shapes.  Miss Thornburrow read ‘The Giant Jumperee’ and the children made frogs.

Key Stage 1

In KS1 Mrs Bond read The Paper Dolls and the children enjoyed making their own chain of paper friends. These were then used to talk about friendships and how sometimes we can make wrong choices and feel our friends have all been ‘snipped apart’, but then we realise that good friends will join back together again. We also talked about memories and why these are important to us.  

Dragon School

Mrs Baxter read ‘Zog’ to the children. They then we went outside to go to Dragon school. The children learned to fly around the playground, to roar quietly, squeakily and loudly. They practised breathing fire by blowing tissue paper flames. They completed tasks and captured as many princesses as they could. Princess Pearl wouldn’t let them practise fighting! Finally they all won a golden star!  Alice loved learning to fly and was very proud of her golden star.

Mrs Poole read ‘Hospital Dog’ and the children thought about all the ways Dot cheered up the children in Wallaby Ward.  They thought about what makes them feel happy and safe if they are a bit nervous, scared or sad about something. They then created their own special piece of a Year One and Two mural to make people feel cheerful each morning when they come to school, just as Dot did in the story! We also created our own dalmation Dot biscuits, they were scrummy!  

What a wonderful day we all had celebrating books and reading!

“I loved using porridge oats to decorate my bear picture.” – Henry (RPJ)

“My favourite bit was listening to Highway Rat.” – Sam (RO’N)

“I loved learning to fly. I got a golden star.” – Alice (2LT)