Pre-Prep Sports Day

On Friday 1st July the Pre-Prep took part in their greatly anticipated ‘Great British’ Sports Day. The rain clouds loomed, but the weather held off for a wonderful event on the glorious pitches. Mr Morris and Mrs Sandford lived up to the previous traditions of themed races to music, and to fit with the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations earlier in the term, we witnessed some perfectly regal competitiveness!  

The programme of events

The event of the year began with Nursery and the ‘Opening Ceremony’ race. The children ran a length of the track proudly waving their union jack flags, before handing over to their next team member. Next, saw Reception taking part in ‘Royal Ascot’ where, as the name suggests, they galloped with their hobby horses over hurdles being cheered on as though we were indeed, at a day at the races!

Year 1 then took part in the very British tradition of afternoon tea. However, this race was by no means relaxing, instead the children had to run up the track carrying their tray of teacups, saucers and cutlery, ensuring they didn’t spill any items. Thank goodness the Queen wasn’t here waiting for her sandwiches because I’m not sure they would have arrived in one piece after the wind began to blow. Year 2 then treated everyone to a ‘Jousting Tournament’, which saw them carry a swimming noodle under their arm as their lance, while hopping over hurdles on their hobby horses.

Other races from the afternoon included ‘Queen for the day’, ‘Changing of the Guards’, ‘Pin the tail on the Corgi’ and ‘The Royal Bank of Elstree’. However, a firm favourite among all of Pre-Prep was ‘The Royal Dash’ by Year 2. They took it in turns to run an entire lap of the Elstree athletics track, cheered on by Nursery, Reception and Year 1. Not only did they do this once, but we were also treated to a lap by the boys, closely followed by the girls. They definitely had lots of energy to showcase.

Luckily the weather held off long enough to see the return of the famous Mummy and Daddy races. Mr Morris carefully selected the races to re-create after watching the children, and there were a record number of participants. The children find this a highlight of their afternoon watching their parents running a length of the track and demonstrating their competitive side.

Lastly after encouragement and cheers from both parents and the children, the teachers took part in a race all of their own this year. Interpreted in their own unique way, the Pre-Prep staff all linked hands together to run past all the classes and hit the famous union jack finish line at the opposite end of the track. It is safe to say the whole Pre-Prep community had a brilliantly royal afternoon at the ‘Great British’ Sports Day and everyone took part with a smile on their faces, cheering on their friends.

A huge thank you to both Mr Morris and Mrs Sandford for masterminding yet another incredible Pre-Prep Sports Day.

What did the children think?

I loved all of the running races – Freddie H (Reception)

I liked the Daddies’ race, my Daddy was really fast! – Sam M (Reception)

My favourite was Pin the Tail on the Corgi because I loved the music – Charlotte R (Year 1)

I like running the race on the full track – Annabelle P (Year 2)