Pre-Prep Sport Relief Mile

Everyone in the Pre-Prep donned their trainers on Friday last week as they took to the Elstree Sports Pitches in the beautiful spring sunshine ready for the Sport Relief Mile.

We gathered at Pineapple Walk to hear about the people that we were raising money for.  Miss Holifield talked to everyone about how fortunate we are; with a beautiful school, wonderful food and comfy clothes to wear.  She told us that not everyone is as happy and healthy as we are. Luckily, we have been putting coins into a cardboard shoe to collect so that we can donate it to those less fortunate than us.

Before long, it was time for Nursery to set off, “three, two, one… Sport Relief!”  Miss Thornburrow and her class dashed off first at top speed with Rex Ruddick leading the way.  Once they reached the gate at the end of Pineapple Walk, it was time for Reception, then Year 1 and finally Year 2.  Smiles of delight lit up our faces as we put one foot in front of the other.

We were thankful to be joined by several supporters as some of the older girls and boys were playing in a match. We felt very special to hear cheers and claps as we ran past. We made our way all the way around the pitches. Luckily, Mrs Kidd and Mrs Reid were standing in the distance to direct us!

Once we had gone around the back of the cricket pavilion we headed home down Pineapple Walk.  Mrs Pool and Mrs Langford-Thomas were there to meet us holding a wonderful ‘finish’ banner which we ran under!