Pre-Prep see stars in the Planetarium

Our Pre-Prep was literally star-struck when they joined Woolhampton Primary School for a sparkling presentation from the travelling Planetarium last week. Not having any idea what the large black dome in the McMullen Hall was, once inside they could not believe their eyes.

The interior of the dome was the sky.  The pupils followed the sun rise and set, as the moon appeared. They learnt about Venus, the closest planet to Earth, and were told it couldn’t be a holiday destination, as it was far too hot (like sunbathing with a duvet on).

“It was very beautiful and interesting,” said James.

Later, the dome went very dark, at which point the stars appeared. 

“It was amazing seeing the constellations in space,’” exclaimed Ralph.

The presenter talked to the children about the different stars in space and introduced the word, ‘constellations’. They saw the Great Bear and the Little Bear, and heard the story of why the bears had long tails, according to Greek Mythology.  They were also taught about the Pegasus – the winged horse, and Queen Cassiopeia.  

Wilfred commented: “Seeing the constellations as pictures was great.” 

“I felt like I was spinning around the whole time,” enthused George. 

Pre-Prep have been buzzing from the experience ever since.  A huge thank you to the Planetarium, and to Woolhampton Primary School for inviting Elstree to share the show.