Pre-Prep Remote Learning

Pre-Prep Remote Learning for the Lent Term began on a positive note last week.

A Guide to Remote Learning and set of Q&As were sent to Pre-Prep parents (Reception to Year 2) before term started. 

How is the Pre-Prep Remote Learning Programme even better?

Like the Prep School’s Remote Learning Programme, Pre-Prep’s has positively developed and evolved. There is…

  • Even more live contact between pupils (Reception to Year 2) and staff 
  • A drama session has been added to the weekly timetable
  • Lessons have moved from Zoom to Teams
  • Our Intranet pages are more user-friendly for parents to keep track of school sessions

What’s involved in the Pre-Prep Remote Learning Programme?

For Reception to Year 2, the days starts at 9am with a live class catch-up. Teachers and pupils get to discuss the previous day of learning and make plans for the day ahead.

Core English and Maths lessons also begin with a live introduction. Children then log off to complete their work at their own pace using the online resources . Class teachers are available online throughout English and Maths lessons should the children need additional support.

Taking time away from screens is very much encouraged. Timetables allow for a morning break between 10 and 10.30am and lunch between 12 and 1pm.

Specialist subjects taught by specialist teachers

Alongside the lessons mentioned above, every child enjoys an afternoon session with specialist teachers.  These include Art, French, Music, Drama and PE.

Every week, Reception has a Topic and Art lesson. Year 1 has Topic, Art, plus RS, while Year 2 have Topic, Art, RS and four Science lessons. 

Assemblies take place three times a week at 8.30am; Class teachers host one-on-ones via Teams once a week; and on Friday’s it’s ‘Show and Tell’.

Flexible Remote Learning

We appreciate that many families need to share devices and parent time and input, so a more flexible learning approach is more suitable. With this in mind, we pre-record all our sessions, so pupils can complete them in their own time.

Nursery provision at Elstree during lockdown 3

Elstree Nursery is still open, managed by Miss Thornburrow and her team.  It means that our youngest pupils continue to receive a top quality, live school experience.   

What our Parents have to say about Pre-Prep Remote Learning

“Thank you so much for all your hard work this week as well as all the work leading up to it.  The boys have thoroughly enjoyed their work so far and it has been great to see them being challenged from day 1.  I can’t imagine this has been easy for any of you but we really do appreciate it.  While one of our sons has most enjoyed learning about Castles, the other has loved working with his numbers up to 20 and his phonics!  (Their words not mine.)”

“I’d like to thank you for the amazing effort that has been put into this term’s homeschooling – it’s not ideal for anyone, but I can see how hard Elstree has worked to maximise the educational experience of the children, and I’m immensely grateful (and impressed!).”

“Attached is a little collage of yesterday’s school day. Oliver said it was the “best day ever” so we obviously did something right!”