Pre-Prep Outdoor Learning Day

Last week the Pre-Prep enjoyed an Autumn and Harvest-themed Outdoor Learning Day. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 headed straight to the woods where they were put into mixed-year groups. Their teachers had planned a carousel of activities for them to enjoy, all based around the an Autumn and Harvest theme.

Miss Phippen led “natural scarecrows” where each small group were challenged to collect natural materials to make ‘flat’ scarecrows. They talked about why farmers use scarecrows and how they are valuable during Harvest time. Fir cones, leaves, petals, and sticks were all popular choices for making the various body parts and the children loved showing off their creations to Mrs Bond when she joined them for lunch.

The children were then challenged to an Autumn Scavenger Hunt by Miss Postlethwaite. They were tasked to explore the woodland searching for different autumnal items. The children worked in mixed-aged pairs and enjoyed ticking the items off their lists when they found them.

Mrs Rose had great fun making leaf kebabs with her group! Each child found a stick and collected a range of coloured leaves. They poked holes in the leaves and attached them onto their kebab sticks! Back in the classroom, the children used their leaves to create autumnal artwork which they are looking forward to taking to St. Peter’s Church with them on Monday when we visit for our Harvest Festival.

Whilst the younger children were having fun in the woods, the Year 2s enjoyed a range of activities with their Year 2 teachers. Mrs O’Neill helped the children to make their own salt dough to sculpt into a family of hedgehogs. The dough was very soft, and the children worked hard to cut little prickles into the hedgehogs’ backs!

Mrs Baxter’s group enjoyed a walk around the school lakes to collect natural resources. Once back in their classroom, they transformed these into the bodies of insects, labelling the different parts. These are now hanging proudly on display and are well worth a look!

Finally, Miss Crook’s group created autumnal bar charts using leaves. They raced to collect different leaves and sorted them into columns of the same colour. With graph paper on clipboards, each child then had a chance to create their own bar chart. What better way to learn maths than out in the school grounds!

It was a really happy day for all, and the children’s wellies are now officially christened and have returned with muddy bottoms! A picnic lunch was also a highlight. A special thank you to the Pre-Prep team for masterminding such a special day.

What did the children think?

“I made a scarecrow and put yellow flowers for the inside of the dress.” – Evie S, RP

“I liked eating sandwiches in the woods!” – Bertie L, RP

“I liked making the bugs. It was very arty and I like art.” – Freddie H, 2B