Pre-Prep Outdoor Day

Another fantastic ‘Pre-Prep Outdoor Day’ filled with fun, adventure and huge smiles all around!

Stick Man theme

We took part in a super ‘Stick Man’ themed day, taking inspiration from Julia Donaldson’s book ‘The Stick Man’. First, we explored the grounds for sticks of different lengths, widths and shapes. We came back to create our own stick families and carefully decided what materials would be best to use in creating our masterpieces. We used pipe cleaners, wool, string, twine, tape and goggly eyes! The stick families looked brilliant!

Den making in Plantation

After lunch, we had a great time in Plantation, making dens using larger sticks and some even created rafts to float on our Pre-Prep pond. Nursery and reception played with their stick men in the woods wearing their beautiful home made stick crowns.  They also created stick men sun catchers and even used some of their sticks to practice natural weaving with wool. Everything looked fabulous.

We were incredibly lucky that the sun was shining for us all day and we couldn’t have wished for more glorious Spring weather. What a wonderful Pre-Prep Outdoor day had by all!