Pre-Prep Mini Olympics

Elstree Pre-Prep Reception and Nursery enjoyed a brilliant afternoon taking part in the MiniOlympics last week.

After lunchtime, the children walked down to Bates, where Mr Bates was waiting to greet them, along with lots of adults who had come to watch. Mr Bates then introduced the Year 8 children that were going to run the MiniOlympics.

The Year 8 children were outstanding at guiding the younger children through a carousel of different activities, all based on an Olympic sport. The Prep-prep children loved having a go at lots of different sports including javelin, relays, ribbon dancing and triple jump. There was lots of encouragement from each group and many high 5s were given throughout the afternoon.

Tabitha H (RP Class) enjoyed the zigzag running and Bertie L (RP Class) said he liked jumping over the ‘hoodles’ (Hurdles!) This was also Olive S’s (RR Class) favourite part as she said that she liked the big and little ones to jump over. Nursery also enjoyed themselves and Ferdie C said that he liked the jumping best.

After all of the excitement of the afternoon, the children walked to the Prep School and enjoyed a well-deserved snack. Whilst the adults, who came to watch their children in the MiniOlympics, also enjoyed a snack along with a tea and coffee in the Long Room.

Thank you to Mr Bates for organising!