Pre-Prep Harvest Festival

The Pre-Prep children walked hand in hand to St. Peter’s Church on Monday for our annual Harvest Festival.

Balanced on the heads of the Nursery and Reception children were beautiful Harvest Crowns that the children had printed from autumnal fruits or decorated with Harvest items. Year 2 clutched origami pumpkins and apples and the Year 1 children carried wonderful leaf creatures that they had made. Reverend Manley loved their creations and invited the children to decorate the church windows and altar with them.  

Each year sung a song about Autumn and Harvest, and we finished with a group performance of ‘Big, Red, Combine Harvester’. 

Once again, we used Harvest as an opportunity to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. Members of the Pre-Prep kindly donated food items to West Berkshire Food Bank who came to collect them and to distribute them to people in need.  

A special thank you to Reverend Manley for leading the service and for welcoming us to her church. Also, to the parents who gave up their time to come to watch and celebrate with us.