Pre-Prep go tree planting to help tackle climate change

As part of the Woodland Trust’s initiative to tackle climate change and reach the UK’s 2050 carbon net-zero target, Pre-Prep went tree planting within Elstree’s 150 acre grounds. Read on to find out what our young Eco Warriors did on their exciting outdoor learning day last week.

Pre-Prep learn about the importance of trees

One of the great advantages for anyone attending Elstree is the vast, bucolic outdoor space available to them. It’s a rich, stimulating environment, where children can roam freely in a safe and protected haven. It’s an exhilarating extension of the classroom, used frequently and imaginatively by teachers and staff.

Earlier in the year, Elstree Prep pupils were lucky to experience planting trees as part of the Woodland Trust’s initiative. Last week, it was Pre-Prep’s turn.

Teachers explained to Pre-Prep about the importance of trees – for people, wildlife and the environment.  They learnt how they provide shelter, food and help us breathe, and that without them, we wouldn’t be alive.

Tree planting in the Elstree grounds 

When it came to tree planting, Pre-Prep were encouraged to take great care when handling the saplings, so no damage was caused. Afterwards, they carefully placed each one into a hole in the ground and pushed firmly for a snug fit. 

Next, plastic tubes were applied to protect the saplings from bad weather and any cheeky animals fancying a nibble. The Pre-Prep children reluctantly left their saplings as they returned to school, but secure in the knowledge they would soon return to see their developments.

What did Head of Pre-Prep Miss Holifield have to say?

“It was a wonderful opportunity for Pre-Prep to give something back to the grounds at Elstree. Where possible we embrace the outdoors, learning from our environment and experiences. The children are excited to watch their saplings grow and develop and have already asked whether they can go and see if they’ve changed.”