Portals to the Past – Year 3s are transported back to the Second World War

Last week the children in Year 3 were whisked back in time for the day to the 1940s to the excitement and horrors of the Second World War.  Each child was dressed as an evacuee and was greeted by Laura Makin from the company “Portals to the Past”.  She was dressed as a land girl and led all the workshops and activities.  Here is a list of the activities the boys participated in:

  • A brief history of World War Two and how it started
  • Searching for answers (in pairs) on various information boards such as women in the war, war leaders, D-Day Landings, Rationing, Evacuation, Victory in Europe, the Battle of Britain, Dig for Victory, Victory in Europe and Operation Pied Piper
  • Writing their own catchy wartime slogans based on the original ones: Tittle Tattle Lost the Battle, Dig for Victory, Put That Light Out, Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases, Is Your Journey Really Necessary?
  • An ingenious origami exercise that involved folding a picture of four pigs into an image of Adolf Hitler!
  • Trying on gas masks
  • One boy, James, trying on a full kit of World War Two combat uniform. He looked very smart but he was swamped in the adult size!
  • Cracking a code, Enigma style!
  • Playing traditional board games that would have been played by kids in the war, such as pick-up-sticks, happy families, mousy mousy, dominoes and tiddly winks
  • Singing songs such as Run Rabbit, Run only with the words changed to Run Adolf, Run at the tops of their voices!

This surely has to be the best way to learn about history, through dressing up, drama, role-play, songs and fun activities.

Many thanks to all our parents who kitted out their sons so superbly. We’re already looking forward to next year!