Portals to the Past – Year 3s are transported back to the Second World War

Elstree Year 3s were treated to half a term’s history lessons in one day, delivered by Carl from the company Portals to the Past. The pupils were dressed in World War Two evacuee costumes and were riveted to the activities and information about the war. It was like travelling back in time and that’s got to be the best way to learn about the past. Many thanks to Carl who entertained the boys and girls for the entire day.

What did the children think of it?

“I loved the guns, I loved the speeches, I loved everything.” (George)

“I loved dressing up as evacuees and all the activities.” (Reuben)

“I liked the material of my costume. It was great seeing a real soldier that had fought in Kosovo.” (Sara)

“I enjoyed the activity sheets and breaking the codes.” (Iris)

“It was a really good day and cool seeing all those weapons. I wished it could go on forever.” (Jonty)

“I liked breaking the code and the buzz-the-wire game, a bomb disposal exercise.” (Charlie)

“I liked my gas mask box and the Adolf Hitler picture quiz.” (Alfie)

“What I really liked was the World War Two history he taught us and dressing up. I love history.” (Sophie)

“I liked all the weapons especially the Fairbairn Sykes knife.” (Megan) 

Thank you

Huge thanks must also go to our parents who kitted their children out in such amazing costumes. This will be a day that will be remembered for many years to come.