Portals to the Past 2017

Lauren Makin from the company Portals to the Past gave us a thrilling experience of life in World War Two, our history topic this term. All boys in Year 3 were dressed as evacuees and what a fantastic job their parents had done to kit them out! We started the morning with a fact session on what it was like to be an evacuee in 1939. There was plenty of humour too as this played a crucial role in keeping the British spirit up throughout the war. The boys then spent some valuable time going from board to board seeking out and jotting down some crucial information about various aspects of the war. After lunch the boys played typical board games that were popular in the war, sang songs from the era and even dressed up as a British soldier. We then discussed rationing and had a go at breaking codes. We even got to see a real bayonet!
The boys thoroughly enjoyed this amazing learning experience and will remember it for a long time to come.