Parents and Sons’ Golf Competition

Elstree Boys Golf

On a slightly breezy but sunny June afternoon, ten Elstree boys, accompanied by their adult partners, headed off to complete the tricky 9-hole Elstree golf course.  At times, it would have been more accurate to use the term ‘obstacle course’ instead, as at various points the following had to be avoided – cricket covers, high jump mat, benches, scoreboards, a pavilion and the shot put net.  I am not sure how the tour pros would have coped!

Our new Head Groundsman, Jay Styles, and his team had done a wonderful job in preparing the course and in particular the greens, which were playing better than ever. The short game sessions with our visiting pros, Simon McGreal from Bradfield College and Barry Newman from Newbury and Crookham Golf Club, had clearly raised the standard of the boys’ golf, who often left their more senior players in admiration of their skill and technique.

All the boys played admirably, regularly showing the way to their more experienced partners. The ‘Longest Drive’ competition was on the 7th hole, with prizes claimed by Luca and Mr Inglis.  A short wedge to the 9th was called for to claim the ‘Nearest the Pin’ prize. Daniel won for the boys and Mr Williams claimed the adults’ prize.

When the final scores were in and handicaps considered, the results were as follows. In third place, were Mr Williams and Luca. Runners-up, were Raffy, partnered with Daniel, but they were beaten to the beautiful trophy by Tom and his father. Obviously the hours of practice at Huntercombe during the holidays had paid off.  Well done to them, and to all the competitors for playing so well, and making it such an enjoyable afternoon.