Paramedic Visit to Year 2

On Thursday 6th June, as part of their ‘Fighting Fit’ topic this term, Year 2 were visited by Olivia Langford-Thomas a Paramedic with the South East Coast Ambulance service (and yes, she is Mrs Langford Thomas’s daughter!) Olivia kindly took time out of her busy day to come and talk to the children all about her fascinating job. The children absolutely loved it! She arrived in her very smart uniform and talked the children through all the bits and bobs she has to wear and carry with her day to day. From scissors to medicines, steel fronted boots to walkie-talkies, she has to wear a lot! The item that grabbed the most attention was her huge green helmet which all the children were able to try on! ‘I want to be a paramedic!’ Ollie excitedly exclaimed after trying on her illuminous jacket! The children listened very sensitively when she talked about the reality of having to work with some really poorly patients and how careful she must be with each and every patient to ensure they get the care they need.

Otis was delighted when Olivia offered to bandage his arm and Dang Dang had his arm put in a sling.  ‘Did you drive your ambulance here?’ asked Josh but sadly Olivia wasn’t allowed to bring the ambulance! However she told us all about it and sent us pictures of it!

The children asked lots of interesting questions at the end including which medicines she carried with her and how long it took her to train as a paramedic. It was a fantastic talk in which the Year 2’s demonstrated great listening and questioning skills and remained enthusiastic throughout. Who knows, maybe some of our boys and girls will end up in our emergency services one day!